Joffrey Lakes Tour

The Joffre Lakes hike is one of British Columbia’s most popular and beautiful hikes. Three exquisite lakes with turquoise water, breathtaking views, and majestic glacier-laden peaks towering high above, make this a relatively moderate hike with incredible rewards. The Joffre Lakes hike should be on both locals’ and visitors’ bucket list! Located 2.5 hours north of Vancouver, on the beautiful Sea To Sky Highway.

***Note to travellers from Germany and the rest of Europe*** Highway 99, or the route that you need to travel to get to Joffre Lakes is a ‘off the radar’ type of route for most British Columbians. This route has been circumvented by other major routes so for the average traveler in BC, they never have to drive. Highway 99 is the type of route that people from BC take when they poll their friends and ask, “What are the best RVing routes to take in BC?”

Highway 99, from Vancovuver is known as ‘The Sea To Sky Highway’, ‘Whistler Highway’ or the Squamish Highway’. If you see it being referred to the ‘Fraser Delta Thruway’ this is a name for the highway that is still in the Greater Vancouver area. Joffrey Laakes is several hours north of that area.

Where does the Highway 99 begin and end?
Highway 99 begins in US but for the portion we are discussing here, it begins at the US / Canada border and continues for over 400 km to Highway #1 near Cache Creek just North of Kamloops BC

When was Highway 99 built?
Highway 99, Canadian portion was completed in 1942 and historic information can be found here: Wikipedia

Why RV Highway 99?

This route has been featured on many tv shows, magazines, blogs and much more.

Is Highway 99 the best road trip in the world?

The Sea to Sky highway or Highway 99 has been stated as being the 5th Best Road Trip in The World!