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Campervan Rentals in Canada

Renting a campervan is the best way to enjoy a sightseeing adventure in Canada. It is the ultimate adventure, and less costly than booking a hotel every night and provides the utmost convenience over any other touring option. Campervans are safer than tenting in a campground because they provide a dry comfortable shelter, in the most adverse conditions and have the strong walls of the van surrounding you to protect your food and camping equipment. Quality campervan rental companies will stock your campervan with everything you need to camp for a worry free holiday! Get prepared to see the world in a new way and create memories that will last a lifetime and.

Several large Canadian companies rent campervans and many local campervan rental agencies across Canada, present a variety of campervan styles and services. For the best Canadian adventure, here are the top reasons to rent a campervan and a few points to help you understand the best ways to enjoy your Canadian Campervan adventure:

  1. Best Camping Trip in Canada
  2. Best Campervan Style
  3. Best Campgrounds in Canada
  4. Best Campervan Rental Company in Canada
  5. Secret Camping Information for European tourists by a local British Columbia Outdoorsman.

Best Camping Trip In Canada!

If you have the skills, knowledge and experience to backpack, it is by far the best way to camp in Canada. However, backpacking requires a vast amount of experience and ability to have a successful backcountry adventure. For most tourists, campervans offer an easier way to experience a similar adventure in the ‘front country’ by allowing you to create a ‘basecamp’ at a provincial or national park campsite. Front country can be defined as areas that you can drive to. The backcountry is an area that you need to hike into, access with a four wheel drive vehicle, or fly into. 

So let’s discuss campervan camping! After your basecamp is set up, you are then free to plan day trips or short hiking trips throughout a park or crown land area that you are visiting. Now, we haven’t said WHERE the best campground is in the entire country of Canada, but keep reading, we will provide secret camping advice that will help you find the perfect place for you to camp in Canada.

Best Campervan Style for Camping 

In the 1950’s and 60’s car camping throughout North America became popular. Canadians began to have more disposable income and were spending it on ways to enjoy the summer season. Canada has always been a land for exploring and as the population grew a variety of vehicles were designed to enable everyone to enjoy a few days by a mountain lake or stream with ease.

Now, after many iterations of campervans that have been created by companies like Volkswagen, Ford and Chevrolet, here are several main types of campervans available for hire in Canada:

Restored Chevy Classic Campervans

The Chevy Classic Campervan has a full sized 8 cylinder engine. When touring through the Rocky Mountain passes or other steep mountain roads in BC, you’ll be happy to have all the power of the V8! These campervans have been safety inspected, have new tires, brakes and engines and are completely reliable.All vans are equipped for 2 people. For all the details, choose from Vantastic Rentals Campervan selection which is available for renting online. 

Ford, Dodge or Chevrolet vans used for camping.

American made large style vans give you some comfort when camping but not nearly as much as the classic Chevy campervan. Most full size vans do not have room to stand and are not ‘camperized’.


Many travelers opt for a motorhome when looking for a vehicle to rent on a vacation. Motorhomes are convenient like Chevy campervans, but when you arrive at a campsite and begin to park your motorhome, you may find many campsites at BC Recreation Sites are not large enough for such a huge vehicle. 

VW (Volkswagen) Westfalia or ‘Westies’

These campervans  were designed to be the perfect campervan. The Westies have a spacious interior with enough storage space and are ready for life on the road. Its kitchen is located at the vehicle’s rear, which creates room for a stove and a refrigerator without feeling too cramped. If you want extra space, you can pop open the back hatch and get a view of the location where you’re currently cooking breakfast or making dinner. No space is wasted, which is ideal for a tiny campervan. The Westies come with an available toilet and a shower, something you don’t see in many shorter conversion vans, having said that, park the Westfalia beside a Chevy Classic Campervan at Vantastic Rentals and after you move around inside the Westie and then cook a meal in both campervan models,  you will soon know that the Vantastic Rental offers the maximum comfort.


SUVs are great for camping. They’re roomy, comfortable, and built to handle back roads and highways. But ‘roomy’ is not a luxury comfort. You’ll never stand up in an SUV, your camping gear will be cramped and you’ll most likely want a tent to sleep in because there is not much room for sleeping in an SUV. The best SUV for using as a camper will depend on individuals or preferences. Here are some  of the best SUVs:

Honda Element for SUV Camping:

The Honda element is one of the best SUV campers because it is spacious, and the interior is easily accessible. Their boxy shape,  removable back seats, clamshell tailgates, and easy-to-clean surfaces make them a good option for a relatively fuel-efficient small vehicle to camp with. 

Honda CR-V SUV Camping:

The Honda CR-V is a legendary SUV on its merit, being one of the most popular and successful SUVs of all time. Comfort is a top priority for a tour vehicle, and when going on a camping trip, many find the CR-V comfy to drive and easy to get in and out. Comfort is essential  for older operators, shorter people, or those with physical issues. The seats at the back  of the  Honda CR-V are easily removed, giving the interior space for storage.

Ford Explorer SUV Campers

The Ford Explorer is  a popular choice for SUV Camping trips because you can remove its seats if you wish. The back of the Suv has enough space, shape and layout to allow you to install a  mattress. 

Kia Sportage and Kia Soul SUV type vehicles used for camping:

The shape and layout of the  Kia Sportage and Kia Soul Campers and the seat storage system allow you to fold the seats flat to add a mattress without removing the seats. They do not offer you much storage space and you will have to pack a tent because you can’t sleep in them.

In summary, the best camping vehicle is a restored Classic Chevy Campervan!

  • Vantastic Rentals Campervans offer you the luxury of staying in an environment that is similar to a fancy hotel suite. Well, a lot better than a tent anyway!
  • Campervans save you time from the exhaustive check-in and check-out process in hotels.
  • A Vantastic Camper Van Rental gives you a chance to prepare your favorite meals, in your own time and according to your own taste. Not some overpriced platter of frozen food!
  • When you use a Vantastic campervan, you save a huge amount of fuel compared to large and hard to maneuver bus-style motorhomes.
  • Campervans increase your freedom and flexibility. You can stay at a beautiful panoramic location with the waves of a sub-alpine lake just outside your door and the natural sound of birds and chirping as they nestle around the glorious forest that surrounds the campground.

Other ways to consider Campervan Vehicle Styles 

Micro campervans

Micro campervans are ideal for campers who prefer to do activities on a smaller scale. Micro trailers provide much portability, cost saings, and adventure value, even if they require a specific capacity and luxury sacrifices. (ie: you won’t be standing up in a micro campervan) Micro campers allow you to seize your off-grid experience by the horns without worrying about a million logistical issues. Just remember to bring a tent so you can stretch out and sleep.

Small campervans

Small campervans offer you a great way to up your camping game without needing a big rig or tow vehicle. They’re also helpful if you’re tired of setting up and taking down a tent when you want to camp. They are much more maneuverable than a motorhome and have relatively decent gas mileage. You won’t have a stove or fridge in small style campervans.

Medium campervans

A medium campervan has a load volume of 7 to 12 cubic meters and has undergone a professional or DIY campervan conversion. Depending on the campervan build layout, a medium campervan should be able to sleep two adults comfortably, possibly one additional child. 

Large campervans

Large campervans like the Classic Chevy Campervans at Vantastic Rentals, are perfect for travelers looking for a comfortable space to enjoy a roadtrip in Canada. The kitchen inside the campervan has plenty of room to stand and prepare meals in all weather. They have a big queen-sized bed, black-out curtains, and storage space. Large campervans like Vantastic Rentals provide the perfect home away from home.

Classic Chevy and GMC Campervan

Vantastic Rentals offers Classic Chevy and GMC camper vans in Vernon, British Columbia. The vans have eight cylinders of raw power which you will need to get through the long steep Rocky Mountain passes safely. These camper vans feature plenty of storage space inside. They offer the comfort, play, and amenities you need at a reasonable price.

Best Campervan Rental Company in Canada: Vantastic Rentals 

Vantastic Rentals is a premier rental company, and based on verified Google reviews, offers the best campervans in Canada. They offer a wide range of camping vans at competitive prices. They have a long history of providing campervan rentals, tips, and advice to many people from Europe and Canada. Vantastic Rentals in Vernon BC has the best campervan service, judging by the numerous testimonies. 

Roadside Assistance

What if your camper malfunctions when you’re traveling? Roadside assistance is included in your package when you hire a campervan from Vantastic Rentals. Having readily available help gives you peace of mind to enjoy your camping experience.

Professionally maintained vans

Vantastic Camper vans are thoroughly tested and cleaned before delivery; we ensure they are in good condition always so that our clients experience great tours around Canada. You can convert Vantastic Rentals vans into great vehicles to meet your needs.

Pick-up point at Kelowna International Airport

Vantastic Campers has pick-up points at Kelowna International Airport for people on a tour of Canada. They provide 24/7 service for your convenience to stay in the comfort of our luxury RVs. Their experienced drivers can drive  campers to the campsite. Contact Vantastic Rentals to experience high-quality camping services at an affordable price.

Route Planning & Travel Advisory Assistance

Route planning, travel advisory, and destination information are resources available at Vantastic Rentals. Jeff will help guide and plan your camping trip. 

If you need it for a couple’s, family, or group adventure, there’s no better way to explore Canada than with one of Vantastic campervan rentals. Campervans are ideal if you want to get away from hotels and resorts because they allow you to explore comfortably at your own pace.

Best campgrounds in Canada

Some of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Niagara Falls, and Whistler. Amongst all the options, British Columbia stands out as the highest recommended destinations! 

Throughout Canada, several campground options are available. Three most important facts you need to know about camping in Canada are facts about the different types of campground options. 

The three camping options that are located in:

National Parks
Provincial Parks
British Columbia Recreation Sites

National campgrounds 

Canada’s national campgrounds are located inside one of the National Parks of Canada and are owned and operated by Parks Canada. Due to their location inside a Canadian National Park, they are the only campgrounds within the National Park system.

The Parks Canada campgrounds are always busy during the high season. You should make your reservations before the peak season. With a reservation, you can get in if you arrive early in the morning.

Parks Canada also has valuable information about staying during the night, including camping types, how to reserve service and amenities, camping basics rules, and etiquette. 

Provincial campgrounds

In British Columbia, there are two distinct types of Provincial campgrounds.

1) BC Recreation Sites. There are approx 1000 campgrounds that offer basic amenities and most are free. In highly populated areas, some are managed and have a small nightly fee. These types of sites typically allow more freedom to cut dead wood for campfires and such and do NOT have flush toilets or running water.

There are approx 1000 campgrounds that offer basic amenities, and most are free. In highly populated areas, some are managed and have a small nightly fee. Campers can use Bc Provincial recreation sites for different purposes. The majority of Bc provincial recreation sites offer simple, rustic camping experiences. 

The recreation sites are situated in remote areas, and you can access them through gravel forestry roads. Provincial Parks provide completely managed campgrounds with clean, maintained, flush toilets. Provincial Parks are almost always in the most stunning outdoor spectacular areas. 

BC Provincial Parks

Provincial Parks provide completely managed campgrounds, usually with clean maintained flush toilets. Provincial Parks are almost always in the most stunning outdoor spectacular areas. You do not have the freedom to cut any wood in Provincial Parks.

Renting the Best Campervan Summary

In this article we have discussed the best way to camp, the best locations, the best type of vehicle to camp with and have an idea what types of campgrounds are available in Canada. Vantastic Rentals provides premium service to a lucky few travelers renting campervans in Canada. Visit and book your campervan adventure today!

BC Staycation

BC Staycation

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  • Ask us about the hidden jewels we know about, or explore on your own and go where you want. There are dozens of highways that lead to secluded hot springs, water falls, stunning hikes and beautiful lakes.
  • There is endless wildlife to see in British Columbia also. Black and Grizzly bears, cougar, moose, elk and deer are just a few of the animals you will see.
  • Get out and explore our beautiful province!
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